Q: Why do I get “Timestamp for this request is not valid”

A: This occurs in 2 different cases.

The timestamp sent is outside of the serverTime - recvWindow value The timestamp sent is more than 1000ms ahead of the server time

Check that your system time is in sync. See this issue for some sample code to check the difference between your local time and the Binance server time.

Q: Why do I get “Signature for this request is not valid”

A1: One of your parameters may not be in the correct format.

Check recvWindow is an integer and not a string.

A2: You may need to regenerate your API Key and Secret

A3: You may be attempting to access the API from a Chinese IP address, these are now restricted by Binance.

Q: Twisted won’t install using pip on Windows

A:If you see errors building Twisted indication Microsoft Visual C++ is required you may need to install the Visual C++ Build Tools refer to the Python Wiki on Widows Compilers for your relevant version.