General Endpoints

Ping the server

Get the server time

time_res = client.get_server_time()

Get system status

status = client.get_system_status()


    "status": 0,        # 0: normal,1:system maintenance
    "msg": "normal"     # normal or System maintenance.

Get Exchange Info

info = client.get_exchange_info()

Get Symbol Info

Get the exchange info for a particular symbol

info = client.get_symbol_info('BNBBTC')

Get All Coins Info

Get information of coins (available for deposit and withdraw) for user

info = client.get_all_tickers()

Get Get Daily Account Snapshot

Get daily account snapshot of specific type. Valid types: SPOT/MARGIN/FUTURES.

info = client.get_account_snapshot(type='SPOT')

Get Current Products

This call is deprecated, use the above Exchange Info call

products = client.get_products()